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Meet our team, we are dedicated to our work and provide high quality services.  
We believe you will find no better team than ours and we look forward 
to the opportunity to advise you.

Bryant Buchner, P.E.
President and Chief Engineer
Shane Remy, P.E.
Forensic Engineer


Direct: 850.531.0007 ext. 112

Shane is a licensed Professional Engineer who graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. For 14 years he worked in the Aviation ​Division of General Electric specializing in jet engine control and black box software design. At the end of his tenure with GE, Shane was responsible for analyzing jet engine black box data and regularly reporting to the FAA and NTSB. In 2014 Shane left GE and joined the Quest team working in the field of traffic accident reconstruction. His expertise is concentrated around the retrieval and analysis of digital data related to accidents. Shane's testimony has been qualified in court as in expert witness in automobile, commercial vehicle, and train accident reconstruction.



Mr. Buchner is the firm's president and chief engineer. He is registered as a Professional Engineer and recognized in the states Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. Graduating with a Masters degree from Auburn University, his studies emphasized failure analysis and accident reconstruction. He worked for an engineering consulting firm specializing in automotive and general accident reconstruction before founding Quest Engineering & Failure Analysis, Inc. in 1998.


Kyle Anderson
Business Manager
Carter Chapman, P.E.
Forensic Engineer


Direct: 850.531.0007 ext. 110

Carter is a licensed Professional Engineer who graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. He has three years of experience in land development, including ADA design and compliance, roadway design, and maintenance of traffic. His expertise is concentrated around slip, trips, and falls, accident reconstruction and scene/vehicle investigation.


Direct: 850.531.0007

Kim Cowart
Business Manager
Jacob Breman
Project Engineer


Direct: 850.531.0007 ext. 104

Kim joined the Quest team the year of its founding in 1998 and represents the company in all business matters. She has an Associate of Applied Science degree in Accounting.  She is also our central coordinator and key contact for everything from emergency/rapid response investigation through trial coordination. She is even a certified CDR download technician. 


Direct: 772.219.0400

Melanie Porter
Project Engineer
Tristan Kirby-Kopczynski
Project Engineer

Direct: 772.219.0400


Direct: 850.531.0007 ext. 111

Joseph Shulla
Project Engineer
Gissel Reynoso
Project Engineer


Direct: 850.531.0007 ext. 118


Direct: 850.531.0007 ext. 107

James Fries
Forensic Technician
Caleb Whiteley
Project Engineer


Direct: 850.531.0007 ext. 109


Direct: 850.531.0007 ext. 116

James joined the Quest team in 2016. He had seven years of experience in the automotive industry before becoming a Forensic Technician. He excels at accident scene and vehicle investigation and documentation. He is a FAA certified drone pilot, certified CDR download technician, and has completed coursework in accident investigation.


Support Staff
Tricia Chason
Graphic Designer
DET Photo.jpg
David Tripp
FHP, Retired


Direct: 850.531.0007 ext. 115

Tricia has a degree in Graphic Design, which she uses to prepare all of Quest Engineering's trial displays. She began her career photographing and preserving accident scene and vehicle evidence, and that gives her a keen appreciation for forensic engineering issues. She is also our lead video analyst for surveillance videos.



Direct: 850.531.0007

David graduated from Florida State University before serving the citizens of Florida for over 30 years as a state trooper.  The majority of his crash investigation and accident reconstruction experience was in south Florida before moving up the ranks and retiring as a Captain after serving in General Head Quarters in Tallahassee.  


Will Jordan


Direct: 850.531.0007 ext. 105


Kelli Mitchell
Administrative Assistant


Direct: 850.531.0007 ext. 100



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